Health & Safety Protocols


​Below are our COVID-19 measures, policy and procedures for  camp:

The health and safety of your children are our top priority. Our practices meet or exceed all BC COVID-19 guidelines.


Our COVID-19 Policies, Procedures & Measures

  • Keeping activities outdoors as much as possible


We ask campers to:


  • Stay home (or go home) if they or any family member exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 (refunds will be provided)

  • Bring a mask and sanitizer to camp each day

  • Wash their hands (or sanitize hands) before eating and after using playgrounds and washrooms

  • Try to bring contactless food and drinks (i.e. avoid finger foods) and cutlery



Additional safety protocols:



  • All campers must stay together within a small radius of the group and staff

  • Campers must listen to and follow safety instructions

  • All campers are always in sight of staff

  • For our kids camp, kids go to public washrooms in pairs or more with a volunteer/ staff waiting outside

  • For our youth camp, youth go to public washrooms in pairs or more

  • Activities & out-trips are programmed to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants

Swim safety:


  • Kids under 7 must stay within an arms reach of staff and only a maximum of 3 per staff

  • Non-swimmers must stay close to leaders, stay in water that isn’t above their stomachs, and/or wear a life jacket in deeper water

  • No wrestling, dunking, jumping on others, or any activity that is unsafe to self or others

  • Follow all pool safety rules and listen to all lifeguards and leaders

  • Walk slowly (do not run) on the pool deck as it is slippery

  • Do not dive or jump into shallow water